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About Us

At Gut Healthy LLC, we are committed to being on the forefront of microbiome health. Our Gut Healthy Dog Treats, are based on studies originally performed on both humans and animals.


During the studies, it turned personal. The Japanese Dr who was one of the inventors of what became MicrobeFiber™, noticed a profound turnaround in his own dog's health by dissolving MicrobeFiber™ into his water. A once tired, sore and weak dog began to act like a pup again the more he continued the MicrobeFiber™. Whether a human or a dog, the microbiome functions on the same principle of good bacteria needing to be activated to complete the healthy gut cycle.


For years we have been providing people with a special proprietary product that has a dedicated following. Now we are here for your dogs. Baking MicrobeFiber™ into your dogs treats is our passion!

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