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Prebiotic Super Powder

Prebiotic Treats

Happy Gut.

Happy Dog.

Prebiotic Super Powder

Prebiotic Super Powder

Prebiotic Treats

Use the Treats or the Super Powder,

or both.

Your Dogs Microbiome


What is the microbiome, you may ask? The microbiome is a colony or group of many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi called microbial genes that live throughout the body.


A large percentage of these microbial genes are NOT “bad germs” that make one sick. They're actually GOOD germs and without them the body won't function properly. 


These microbial genes live largely in the gut, inside the large intestine. And, just like the rest of the body, they need to be nourished. If these good germs are not nourished with soluble fiber, they not only die, they can go extinct.