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Can I Add MORE MicrobeFiber™ Prebiotic To My Dogs Diet?

Gut Healthy Dog Treats promotes a managed intake (see the back of the packaging) and suggests a measured approach to improving your dogs gut health. Some dogs may have debilitating aliments such as digestion issues, extreme hip pain and other health concerns requiring a moreambitious approach.


You can cautiously experiment by increasing the amount of MicrobeFiber™ in your dogs diet by dissolving a couple extra grams at meal time (about a 1/2 a tsp) in your dogs water. MicrobeFiber™ is REAL food. Taking too much may increase gas as the bacteria adjust. Feel free to cautiously experiment but only in small dose increases. Always

consult your veterinarian. MicrobeFiber™ is available in human form in a single ingredient powder at

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