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"Healthy gut microbes are the foundation for improved health..."

My research team and I were honored when we were asked to conduct clinical trials on a new ground breaking proprietary fiber (MicrobeFiber). Along with the hundreds of study participants enrolled in the trials, I found myself taking a personal interest based on the results I was seeing, and also decided to consume the same 30 grams per day as the participants.

There was evidence of healthy changes in many of the patients including weight and glucose metabolism. I lost 15 pounds while taking the fiber. The findings confirmed that the fiber

promotes healthy gut microflora by eliminating bad bacteria in the gut and colon.

One patient experienced an uncommon but incredible weight loss of 100 pounds.

The product benefits also dramatically improved diabetes in some, many experienced new healthy cholesterol levels and even IBS and digestion problems vanished. Although results varied, one thing was consistent. Healthy gut microbes are the foundation for improved health. I felt a duty to get this information into the hands of the general public.

MicrobeFiber (sold under a different alias for industrial use) was then requested by major corporate interests. One of the biggest fast food chains in the world began using this fiber in their bread products and a national brand juice company now uses this proprietary fiber in their juice line. Driven by personal and professional passion, I am using my ability as a doctor and as a friend of good health to release this groundbreaking product direct to consumers. MicrobeFiber is born! Thank you for joining the MicrobeFiber movement.

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